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A partnership with E-Dynamite helped drive great results for ArachnoIT.

Video scripts

About ArachnoIT

ArachnoIt is a telehealth platform, seeking to create a community of users and healthcare providers giving the former an access to the best available online health information and services.

Healthcare providers can build a unique profile by adding their license as a verification tool in order to activate their account to engage with the users.

This makes ArachnoIt the first reliable, and dedicated professional healthcare communication channel between diverse healthcare providers and patients globally.

We provided social media content services

During our partnership with ArachnoIT we carried out a comprehensive marketing research that includes competitor analysis, target audience, buyer journey, buyer persona, positioning, and more.

Before we started content creation process, we conducted a study of the most appropriate content strategy, as well as the content plan and all the other details associated with it.

As for the services, we provided the company with social media content, taking into account the difference between the platforms and channels used, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In addition, we were responsible for writing Motion Graphics video scripts.

Finally, as part of our corporation in identity building, we have created a company profile with a landing page on its website.

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