Web Content (Blogs, Infograhpics & Videos)

A partnership with E-Dynamite helped drive great results for Labayh.


About Labayh

Labayh is an online mental health platform that provides an integrated solution for various forms of online psychological care services, through consultations and lectures from specialists with ease and confidentiality.

We provided web content:
Blogs, Infographics and videos

During our partnership with the Labayh platform, we presented a number of blogs that talk about mental disorders and related topics.

These articles are built based on keywords research related to the content and targeted audience. Besides, the blogs are written appropriately to be SEO friendly.

In addition, we were responsible for creating the content and designing a set of infographics to be attractive, informative, and commensurate with the visual identity of Labayh platform.

Finally, as part of our partnership we have been working on creating videos with scriptwriting. In each video, a mental health topic was presented within two minutes.

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