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A partnership with E-Dynamite helped drive great results for Riyadati podcast.

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About Riyadati

Riyadati is a podcast that provides spaces to present

entrepreneurial thought and stories that reinforce the values and importance of entrepreneurship in our societies.

Riyadati podcast aspires to provide a space for listeners to build wonderful ideas and draw inspiration from real stories to help them build their personal, professional, societal or economic successes in a pioneering way to benefit from them and benefit themselves, their companies and their community.

We provided web & social media content & design services

During our partnership with Riyadati podcast, we presented a number of articles that talk about entrepreneurship, the reasons for its failure and success, and the factors that must be taken into account when establishing any startup.

In addition, we were responsible for managing social media accounts as well as creating relevant content.

As for the content, we built all the posts according to thoughtful formulas that suit the Riyadati target audience.

We also worked to provide simple and modern designs that fit the spirit and visual identity of Riyadati podcast.

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